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Braains.io Hut Hut

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Braains.io Hut Hut unblocked is also known as Braains.io 3 game with a new map. In Braains.io Hut Hut, you fight against zombies and beat them for your victory.

About Braains.io Hut Hut

Braains.io Hut Hut is a survival game from the iO games series. It is about you turning yourself into a zombie to defeat other enemy zombies for your dominance.

Braains.io Hut Hut is one of the most amazing Braains.io io games for you to enjoy

If you are already a fan of Braains.io game, then you will like to play this new title. It is considered a Braains.io 3 game featuring a new map called Hut Hut. So, you will find it interesting to play.

Explore and play Braains.io Hut Hut online to experience new challenges

The game allows you to choose your favorite side to play. For instance, you can play as a human then turn yourself into a zombie. Besides, you can also try to transform other players into zombies.

For the human role, you must avoid the zombies’ attacks as well as survive for the longest possible. You can go into a building then make use of various objects to block the doors. By doing so, you can prevent the zombies from coming inside.

If you turn into a zombie, you will go find humans to attack and defeat them. Make sure you explore buildings to find those humans and turn them into zombies.

Every role has a different strategy for you to use. Therefore, you need to use it in a smart way for a chance of winning.

Braains.io Hut Hut unblocked new map features a variety of places for you to explore. Besides, it also brings you some new weapons to use. Your goal is to defeat the opponent team then bring your team victory.

How to play

Move to explore the map using WASD or arrow keys.

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