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Ruby January 2, 2020 Classic, Free For All, IO Games, Strategy 17385
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About Chompers.io

Show your friends how excellent your eating skill is in an Agario-inspired game called Chomper.io. It’s time to experience another game with “the big eating the small” gameplay mechanic. Instead of a cell, now, you take on the role of a little creature called Chomper, and your mission here is to eat up the treats that you find when you make your way through the map to build your size. The more treats you chomp, the bigger you will become. You can use your favorite weapon to fight against other chompers controlled by other players, such as ent’s branch, fish wand, banana club, royal scepter, carrot mace, devilish trident, etc. As you eat treats and kill enemies, you will earn more experiences for yourself, making you bigger than ever. You still have to watch out for other tough enemies, though. Protect yourself from their attacks, survive for as long as possible and become the biggest chomper in the arena. Play Chomper.io unblocked for free!

How to play

Use the mouse to move around the map. Use the left mouse to attack other enemy chompers and bugs, click the right mouse if you want to go at full speed.

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