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Try a new challenging strategy io game called and see if you can get through all tough challenges. is a free game playable in browsers. It’s all about a colonist attempting to create an advanced civilization and developing the main territory. You will take on the role of that colonist and you must do your best to achieve all goals. You begin the game by wandering around a huge map to search for different tiles on the board, capture them all for the expansion before someone takes them. You will come back to your main territory where you will generate settlements. The more settlements to make, the higher production and points for victory you will have. As these elements grow, you will become a target to other players who are doing the same tasks. They will try to damage your territory and you need to stop them before it’s too late. Make use of your tactics, strategies, cunningness and nice skills to get an upper hand on them. Can you survive and conquer all these challenges? Join unblocked!

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Interact with the in-game objects using the left mouse button, touchpad, or you can touch your screen to interact with them.

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