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Ruby September 5, 2019 3D Games, Free For All, IO Games 1590
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About Creatur.io

Creatur.io 3D unblocked is an exclusive animal-themed io game in which you will use your surviving ability to beat all enemy animals around you. As a little cat, you realize that you cannot fight off anyone while your body is still small like that. Therefore, you have to navigate through the map devouring as many gems on the ground as possible. By eating gems, you will earn XP, which strengthens yourself even more. A powerful cat should be the one that has a huge amount of XP earned. You will then feel confident to destroy other rivals who come in your way. Despite having some strength, you should still not underestimate them. It’s good to defend yourself all the time and take a good chance to kill your rivals. As you progress, you can evolve to get new skills, such as a lunge or a speed burst. Keep thriving until you become the most feared cat!

How to play

Move your cat with the mouse, press Q/W/E to use a skill.

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