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Ruby December 20, 2019 Free For All, IO Games, Power-ups, Zombies 14463
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About Crowded City.io

Crowded City.io is a special free-for-all iO game that is gettable on PC and mobile platforms. It’s completely available to explore on any app that you want. The new competition will be set in a metropolis. Not only that, you will be able to take control of numerous zombies. The goal in the coming multiplayer online match is to obtain the most minions. It is also a way to help you build the biggest team and occupy the top spot on the rankings.

Crowded City.io is introducing to every player from around the world a unique race different from Last Day on Earth: Survival. You will be required to attack humans, turn them into the undead, and add many monsters to your group as many as possible. Aside from available resources including power-ups in Crowded City.io unblocked, you do not forget to loot other factions. While stealing, you do not let anybody nearby to play down the leader. You’d better survive until the moment that you become the winner.

How to play

Control your zombies' movement by using the mouse

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