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About EvoWarriors.fun:

EvoWarriors.fun unblocked is a 2D fantasy io game in which you have to control a character in an arena trying to grow bigger and leveling up to get new abilities. You play as a weak warrior when you spawn, but after eating some food in the arena and things on the ground, like steaks, eggs, milk, you will realize that your warrior is getting bigger. Powering up your size is one of the most important things you have to do in EvoWarriors.fun online!

The game pits you against other players from around the world. All of you have to fight to see who will dominate the leaderboard. When you encounter someone smaller than you, attack them before they escape away from you, but if they are bigger than you, try to run before they defeat you. Strong players can beat you with just one fell swoop of their weapons. The defeated players have to give their experiences to the players who defeated them. Therefore, try to defend yourself from enemies so you can protect your experience. Try to upgrade your warrior to 15 levels to have great abilities and become the winner in EvoWarriors.fun game!


Move your character using the mouse, attack enemies using the left mouse button, and speed up using the right mouse button.

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