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Flap Royale

Ruby December 13, 2019 Classic, Free For All, IO Games, Racing 1862
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About Flap Royale

Flap Royale unblocked is a battle royale game inspired by Flappy Bird. You must get your skills ready for an epic race against many enemy birds from around the world. All the birds will fly out from an airplane and enter the competition. Like the original game, in this title, you also have to flap your way through many pipes and try to avoid them all. If you touch one or fly down to the ground, the race will be over for you. But if you succeed in getting through more pipes, your scores will be higher, which makes your rank grow higher on the leaderboard. Be careful with other birds that are flapping their wings because they can surpass you anytime. Make use of your strategies to outplay them all and attempt to fly faster. Since Flap Royale game has the battle royale element, you must survive until the end of the race and get to the top spot on the leaderboard to become the winning bird!

How to play

Flap your wings using the mouse or the spacebar in the game.

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