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About Gamer’s World:

Gamer’s World unblocked is a cool yet challenging zombie game. You are here as either a zombie or a human who will stick with a tough mission. In Gamer’s World free online, the zombies want to eliminate humans while humans want to dominate the arena. Some players will start as the humans at the beginning of the game, and the rest will become zombies. The mission for the humans is to move around the map carefully, block all the doors, and purchase items to destroy the zombies. As for the zombies, they have to make their way through the map spreading a lot of viruses to slay all humans. Each team has to have teamwork and uses smart strategies to kill each other. The last one standing on the ground will make that team win the battle. Are you ready for this tough battle? Play and enjoy Gamer’s World online now!


Use WASD to move, the right mouse to use items, press G to drop items, E to gather items, O to open the soldiers' shop and use the mouse cursor to spin.

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