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About GiftHunter.Online:

The mission for you in unblocked is to kill all real enemies that are blended with Christmas objects. free is a Christmas io game where you play the role of a Christmas present trying to finish all opponents for victory. You can use your weapons to deal damage to the opponents, but first, you must find out which ones are real players and which ones are just objects. Make sure you quickly defeat them once you have found them as well as protect yourself from their attacks. If they are too tough, you can go to a corner on the map, hide there and wait for a chance to kill them. The main goal of game is to become the best gift hunter in the arena. To that goal, you must show your excellent skills and fight off all enemies. If you are interested in this io game, don’t forget to play! Have fun with it!


Use WASD or arrow keys to move your character. Use the left mouse button to shoot or attack enemies. Use Q to change to the knife.

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