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About unblocked is a 2D shooting game online in which the Red Team and the Blue Team have to compete against each other to see which team will dominate the arena. When the battle begins, you have to move around the map trying to cover yourself from enemies and take a chance to defeat them before they catch sight of you. You are advised to stay beside your teammates throughout the battle. Try to support them and get support from them so you can defeat the enemies easily. It is important to get the kills faster since the goal here is to get 100 kills. Any team with 100 kills first will win this match and dominate the arena. This is your main team’s goal! The toughness of the game will be increased as you progress. You should prepare strategies with nice tactics to outplay the opponent team. free online is a chance for you to practice your shooting skills. Enjoy it!


Move your character using WASD, use the mouse to look around, click the left mouse button to shoot, the right mouse button to aim, R to reload, Shift to sprint, spacebar to jump, change between the current available weapons using number keys 1-2.

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