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Ruby December 17, 2019 Classic, Free For All, IO Games 1960
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About Hitormiss.io

In an incredible classic io game called Hitormiss.io, you can play against plenty of friends from around the world in an epic battle. With a wide array of modes and custom settings featured in Hitormiss.io free, you will upgrade your aim while having a lot of fun. The main play-mode will have 6 rounds in total, where you compete against other players. The mission for you here is to click on the circles as fast as possible for a high score. At the end of a round, the difficulty of the next round will become balanced based on the performance of players. Do whatever it takes to earn yourself the highest score if you want to win this competition. Don’t forget to improve your reflexes, good skills, and use your strategies to get an upper hand on other competitors. You can make a custom game on the home page if you want to play alone or with your real friends.

How to play

Use the left mouse, right mouse, or A/S/D to click on the appearing circles in the game.

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