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About unblocked is a team-based war game set on a big map. Two teams, namely The Purples and The Greens, have to compete against each other to see which team will cost the most areas on the map. Your team is armed with splash tubes and some weapons for this mission. Make your way through the arena carefully splashing your ink on the map to capture areas around you. Watch out for the enemy team as well as speculate where they move next. You can use your smart strategies to outplay them and stop them from defeating your team. Each team must attempt to fight well because an amount of coin will be awarded. You can use these coins to purchase lots of items in the shop. Try to stick with your teammates, outwit all enemies, capture lots of areas and lead your team to the ultimate glory. Are you ready for free online? Give it a try now!


Direct the movement of your character using the mouse. Click the left mouse to splash ink on the map.

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