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Ruby January 25, 2020 Classic, Free For All, IO Games, Upgrades 2189
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About Killer.io

Get ready to become a silent killer in a fun io game called Killer.io! The game revolves around a Halloween party full of people, and your main mission is to go kill them all. You will discover the adventure of killing and hiding in this game, so take this chance to present your skills. The big challenge here is that you must make sure people have no idea about you killing them while they are enjoying the party. This means you must secretly approach them then quickly kill them without getting busted by someone. If you get caught in the act, the game will be over. So, every action you do must be careful and strategic if you want to win. Killer.io unblocked is a free game playable in browsers. You can join it anytime you want. Prepare your skills for this challenging adventure now then see if you can beat it! Much fun!

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement, press Z to kill and use X to interact with items.

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