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The list of Battle Royale io games is getting longer now thanks to unblocked – a new multiplayer game free for all! You will spawn in a big lobby and get yourself ready to battle against enemies around the world. To survive, you have to do a lot of tasks! You will start it off by wandering around the map to open chests, loot items from other players, build a base for yourself, craft materials, and use them to deal damage to any enemies standing in your way. Make sure you never underestimate other players because you don’t know what they are up to do to eliminate you of the arena. They are full of evil schemes, so protect yourself from them all the time. Remember to develop your smart strategies through over time if the enemies are hard to beat. Keep this big goal in your mind all the time: survive at all costs to become the ultimate winner in game!


Move around the map using WASD. Press E or F for collecting items, use the left mouse to fire or build items. Press Q to toggle the build mode, use the spacebar to jump, use Shift to sprint, use R to reload weapons, M to view the map, and keys 1-6 to change weapons.

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