Little Big Snake

- in IO Games

About Little Big Snake:

Little Big Snake is an awesome brand new io game where you can find the best multiplayer gameplay and enjoy Slither style-like mechanics without difficulty. The adventure that you are about to join is set in a dark lair which is known as the sweet home of different animals. All of them are cunning and dangerous. Meanwhile, you will start off with a snake. Roam around the area and eat food orbs and remains of slain guys to gain mass and get bigger. Do not run into rocks or tails of other players for survival! You can speed up to chase, cut off, or run away. If you are forced to stop after you are killed, you can explore the Juja’s game. Click on the Fly button and you will immediately turn into a bug. Wing your way to gather nectar and remove jujas along with slugs. Try to avoid dangers and survive! Finish levels, obtain crowns, collect gems, and unlock tons of upgrades. Have fun!


Use the mouse to move, left mouse button to boost.

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