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Are you a snake-themed game seeker? If yes, you can try out a new one called, which is totally free to play in browsers. There are lots of Slither Style io games released already, and this title is one of them that is very entertaining to play. You will love Little Big Snake game because it offers great gameplay mechanic, plenty of quests, nice features, a lot of skins, achievements, and titles to you. When you step into the arena of it, you will slither your way through the map hunting for power-ups dispersed on the ground. Eat them as much as you can to gain size and grow your body. Watch out for other snakes around you. You should avoid running into their bodies with your head, otherwise, you will become food for them. But, you can use your strategies to make them run into yours to eliminate them out of the arena. The more you play, the more titles and achievements you will unlock. Join Little Big Snake free now then see if you can rule the leaderboard!


Use the mouse to navigate your snake around the map and click the left mouse to speed it up.

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