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About unblocked takes you on a new adventure set in a dangerous dungeon. Prepare your excellent skills for the new challenges in this crawling io game with classic graphics and unique gameplay. free online takes inspiration from the Diablo series. Every player begins the game at The Castle which is known as a safe area to hang out with other players, recover your HP, buy or sell items. You begin crawling your way through the dungeon trying to overcome all the obstacles that get in the path. Make use of your skills to defeat the monsters for experience points to advance your levels, search and unlock various chests to get rare and magical equipment. You have to get to the doors that lead you to the next levels for more challenges. Don’t forget to power-up your character through over time so you can dish out even more damage to the monsters as well as have a higher chance to win. Jump into the dungeon now to conquer it all!


Use the left mouse button for the movement or attack. Click the right mouse on the inventory to consume potions or switch equipped items, or right click on an item to buy it or sell it.

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