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Ruby December 26, 2019 Free For All, IO Games, Moomoo.io Style, Team 1756
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About Mine-Craft.io

Feel free to build anything you want in Mine-Craft.io unblocked! That’s what a free builder can do in this awesome building game inspired by the iconic Minecraft games. To build stuff, the first thing you do is to collect many resources around the map. You have to use them carefully to create houses and bases for yourself. Leave them well protected all the time because there are waves of mobs coming up at night. If you have no defensive plans against them, your constructions will take damage from them, which can cause your game to be over. Do whatever it takes to keep everything in safety. You can reach the center of the map if you are in danger because there are no actions there. Try your hardest to get through all the mobs, kill enemies, survive and become the winner. Let’s get yourself ready and have fun playing Mine-Craft.io free online!

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD to move, F to toggle the inventory, the left Shift to run, Enter to chat, the left mouse to attack enemies, the right mouse to do actions, press keys 1-8 to change the active item in the quick inventory, use Q to use the active item, use Esc to exit the active window or open the game menu.

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