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About online is an action-packed multiplayer game featuring nice graphics, amazing gameplay, and an epic battle between opponents around the world. You can join the host to experience the fight or create your own one if you want. Also, don’t forget to pick a weapon before jumping into the fray as well as select the game mode you want to master, namely team deathmatch and free for all. You will help your team defeat the rival team in the team deathmatch mode. Collect scores through over time then lead your team to the ultimate victory with the highest score. In free for all, you become a solo player trying to kill all other enemies around you. Make use of your weapons to deal damage to them and stop them from killing you. Try to prove that you are the best hunter in the arena that rules the entire leaderboard. Jump into unblocked now!


Move around the map using arrow keys or WASD. Press the spacebar for jumping. Hold the right mouse to aim, use the left mouse to fire, use keys 1-2 to choose a weapon, use      Q for the next weapon, use R to reload weapon, use Enter to chat, and use Esc or Tab for the menu.

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