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About is an awesome RPG Io game from the creator of In the new free online multiplayer match unblocked, you will play like a little chicken and fight against other players to survive and escape from a factory farm. The challenge that you will experience in is similar to PUBG. According to the genre it is based, you will be required to stay alive at the end.

After launching from a cage, you can discover the world in unblocked on a small and cramped dish. Be careful! You must fly up immediately if you fall off the edge or you will be crushed. Indeed, you can return to the arena by flying. Besides, you should manage abilities smartly such as walking, sprinting, dashing or jumping. Furthermore, you are allowed to bump into somebody to eliminate him. In case you are given the crown, you will turn into the King. The score you earn in each round can be used to buy hats. Good luck!


Use WASD or Arrow to move, Space to jump Hold Space to dash or fly Double click on move keys to sprint

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