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Try being a boss in unblocked game and show off your management skill now! free online is an epic RPG game from io games series. The in-game mission here is to recruit new employees and keep them happy all the time so they can help you create a nice flow of money as well as extend your business. It will not be easy at all even though you are a boss already. You will feel burdensome and under pressure a lot when trying to make your business thrive. When you already recruit some employees, you will assign them to many office tasks, make them work harder but at the same time, you have to keep them happy, content, and profitable. Whatever you decide will have an influence on the well being of your workers. You cannot earn more income if they become unhappy. Show off your strategies in terms of business and employee management. Enjoy the game now!


Use the left mouse button to interact with your employees and other objects in the game.

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