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Paper.io 3

Ruby December 5, 2019 Agario Style, Free For All, IO Games 18685
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About Paper.io 3

Play Paper.io 3 free online with worldwide friends now! After experiencing crazy challenges in Paper.op 1 and Paper.io 2, now you will come to the third chapter for more experiences. Have your fingers ready for it now. In Paper.io 3 unblocked, you direct the movement of a paper-like character around a big map. The main mission for you here is to take over unclaimed territories before other friends. Then, you have to connect those territories back to your main base to make your realm bigger. Keep hunting for territories like that until you create the biggest realm on the map. As you move, be careful with other players who want to eliminate you by running into your tail. Hence, you have to protect the tail all the time to prevent somebody from killing you. But if you want to kill them, run into their tail without them knowing. Keep fighting for territories until you are the best paper character on the leaderboard!

How to play

Direct the movement of your paper character in the game using the mouse, arrow keys or WASD.

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