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About Polic.io

Polic.io unblocked is a unique io game where players have to chase and hide from each other. Polic.io online should be a must-play io game when it features a unique gameplay mechanic. You will spawn as a runner who drives a red car to escape away from the police officers who are driving the blue cars. As you run away from them, quickly pick up the blue particles on the ground to fill the boost tank. After filling it, you will play as a police officer and the mission for you is to chase the runners in the red cars.

There are some disadvantages for the runners, like speed decrease, position shown on the minimap, and point subtraction. Besides running and chasing, you can send a race challenge to other players. To do this, you need to collect a race token (green), approach it, then wait for the players to accept the challenge. Once the challenge starts, you must try to beat your opponents. As you play, pay attention to your score! Try your best to get the best score so you will become the winner of Polic.io game! Play it for free to prove your skills!

How to play

Speed up your character using the left mouse button. Use the right mouse button to accept the race challenge. Stop the challenge using the mouse wheel scroll or X, and use emotes using number keys 1-5.

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