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About Polygun.io:

Polygun.io unblocked is a shooting game with a top-down gameplay. You are here to kill all enemies from around the world using your excellent shooting skills. It’s an epic battle that everybody has to prove themselves if they want to win. You step into a big arena trying to find some small geometric figures first and then you can think about dishing damage to other players. You have to be quick if you want to eliminate them from the arena because if you don’t, they will finish you with their weapons, causing the game to be over. If you encounter advanced enemies that are hard to kill, you should escape away from them before they catch you. At the same time, try to deal damage to other players around you to make them weaker. Pick up kills as you play to get your score increased and evolve yourself into a stronger player. You can keep an eye on the evolution tree featured in the game because it shows your progress. Try your hardest to survive and prove your shooting skills! Play Polygun.io game and have fun with it!


Perform the movement using WASD, use the cursor to aim, the left mouse to shoot, release or hold the left mouse for the auto shoot. You can play with the joysticks if you play the game on mobile.

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