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About Shark

If playing ocean-themed slither style io games is your favorite thing, then give a try to Shark unblocked for a new experience. In a big ocean, there are plenty of fishes you will deal with as you start your adventure. You spawn in this ocean as just a small shark. You are hungry and want to eat a lot of things to increase your size. So go hunt for planktons with smaller dwelling fishes then quickly gobble them up to get bigger. You can chase for other smaller players and eat them up too to make your mass increase faster. Make use of your wisdom as well as reflexes, together with a little luck so you can outplay all your rivals. You have to protect yourself from getting eaten by an enemy shark that is bigger than you. Survive for as long as possible and grow to become the largest shark on the leaderboard. Much fun with the Shark free game!


Move your shark around the arena using the mouse.

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