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About Shellshock live 2:

Shellshock live 2 is an online multiplayer shooting io game unblocked at school. Besides, it is also a hacked match in which you control a tank and fight against strong enemies. The goal that you need to implement after you get accounts is to destroy all of the rivals before they do the same for you. The result will help you dominate the leaderboard.

Play Shellshock live 2 download free you can battle with your friends. Indeed, it is easy to team up with buddies in 3v3 combat. Besides, you are able to choose to enjoy solo. There are over 200 weapons that you will unlock in Shellshock live 2. You’d better quickly own and master these items to increase your winning chance! In other words, they will be upgrades that you can use to eliminate the target easier. Once you access Shellshock live 2 from Steam, you will be required to fulfill your main aim and level up by collecting enough XP. Further, you can boost your vehicle and obtain hundreds of stuff mentioned above. Are you willing to explore chaos and rule? Log out and in if you face the error 1007!

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Use the mouse or arrow keys to aim, A and D to steer, W and S to switch weapons, Space to attack

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