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About Shrek.Fun:

Play Shrek.Fun on Braains-io! If you are a fan of Shrek, then play this Shrek game for free now to experience great challenges. You enter a big arena where you must defend your castle. Since the world is filled with Shrek clones, your castle may take damage from them, which is why you need to keep it safe. You and the donkey must work together to beat other Shreks before they capture Fiona’s heart. There are some cookies dispersed on the ground. Your Shrek needs to eat them if his health is low. Also, Shrek must become bigger as well as stronger so he can defeat others easily. You can upgrade your character by killing more enemies! There is a leaderboard in! Make sure you get to the top rank on the board to win. Shrek.Fun unblocked is the game for not only the fans of Shrek but also for all kinds of players. Have fun!


Use the mouse to move your character and click the left mouse to attack enemies.

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