Slither Birds

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About Slither Birds:

Slither Birds is an entertaining Snake-themed IO games following the concept of The game is also inspired by Angry Birds game. You will direct your own snake bird around the map and enter a nice quest in which you must gather as many eggs scattered on the floor as possible. Through over time collecting eggs, the size of your snake bird will be much bigger. Once you become a larger snake bird, you can find it easier to defeat your opponents. Try to surround them with your long body, block their exits, stop them from escaping you and force them to crash into your body. Also, you can speed up to bypass your opponents, but don’t accelerate too much, otherwise, the size of your snake will be reduced. The main objective here is to become the largest snake bird in the arena and form your ultimate dominance! Good luck to you!


Direct your snake bird using the mouse. Click the left mouse button to speed up.

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