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Ruby March 4, 2020 IO Games, Racing, Slither Style, Team 24314
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As a bus driver in Snakebus.io unblocked, you must show off your driving skills and your picking-up ability to complete the in-game objective which is to create the longest mini-bus. Snakebus.io free online is similar to Slither.io in terms of gameplay. You start with a short mini-bus but if you gather a lot of passengers around the map, you will have a long mini-bus. As you go hunt for the passengers, be careful with other drivers who have the same goal as you. Make sure you watch out for them and protect your minibus before they have a chance to attack it. At the same time, you need to cut down their paths using your excellent skills or smart strategies. Keep making your mini-bus longer until you become the longest one on the leaderboard dominating the entire arena. Are you ready for this adventure? Play Snakebus.io online for free with worldwide friends now!

How to play

Use A/D or left/right arrow keys to steer your snake bus. Press the spacebar to jump, use F for using nitro and use G for using invisibility.

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