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Come play a fun strategy io game called game to present your skills. This io game is all about killing enemies without getting caught. You play the role of a killer who must finish off as many people as possible to earn a high score. You have to make your way through the map killing the ones that you think are real players. Be careful about your moves and your stabs because if you stab randomly to find real enemies, you will give away the fact that you are a real player. If somebody knows that you are a real killer here, they will attack you back with their weapon. Just make sure you time your action and kill enemies when the time is right. During the day in unblocked, you should go scout out real players, then when the night comes you can stab them. How many scores can you get? Play free now!


Use the left mouse button for the movement, click the right mouse or use the spacebar to stab.

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