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About is a survival shooter io game containing a match set in the shadows. In which, everybody will have to eliminate each other. The main objective is to stay alive. Actually, try to survive as long as possible or until you find the way out! Play unblocked online you will be provided a few basic weapons, including a sidearm and a knife. Because they offer different abilities, they should be selected promptly. Before you knock down a target, you’d better catch them and aim carefully. You will have the chance to release accurate hits or headshots. It’s necessary to roam in free cautiously! Your noise will attract nearby persons. Once you sneak up on your unnoticed prey, you can strike to increase your score. It is a hard challenge and you must implement it by yourself. Attempt to defend your life until the end of the tunnel is visible and become the last standing man!


Tap WASD keys to move your character, Right mouse to raise the gun, Left mouse to attack the enemy, scroll the mouse wheel to switch weapons

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