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Are you good at stomping enemies? Why don’t you show off your skill in unblocked then see how many enemies you can beat? online is a multiplayer io game free for all. It features classic gameplay with great graphics. All you have to do is to stomp enemies and get your size bigger by gathering stars dropped by them. If you succeed in stomping a smaller player, you can squish them then make them lose all of their stars. But for the bigger players, you can only make them lose half their stars. Try your best to gain size through over time until you become the biggest stomper in the arena. You still have to watch out for your surroundings, especially when you face off against tough enemies. Protect yourself from their attacks, remain alive, and become the top player on the leaderboard. Hope you will have a lot of fun playing free!


The mouse is used for controlling your jumper. Click the mouse to smash attack and drop straight down.

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