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About Tangies.io:

Tangies.io is one of the top free for all io games full of power-ups and asteroids. Start off with a normal stickman and compete against multiple rivals online. The main aim is to survive. To complete the mission, you must avoid the plague of rocks which are dropping from mid-air. They will smash the earth and you need to move to the safest area as soon as possible. It may be a hard challenge because you will be attacked constantly.

Play Tangies.io unblocked and you can sprint back or forth from the sides of the playfield your way. It can help you evade being crushed by falling rocky bodies. Remember that you can’t talk to other people because everybody is very busy! So, you are forced to rely on your own abilities to stay alive. Aside from random special items from the sky, you are able to collect many upgrades. They can be the shields, energy, or fireballs. Good luck!


Use the mouse cursor to go around, LMB to jump

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