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Ruby June 6, 2020 IO Games 1857
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About Tank.io

Tank.io unblocked follows the battle royale style with a unique combat mechanic and team-based element. There will be two teams of 5 players competing against each other in an arena. The point of Tank.io multiplayer is to defeat your opponent team by draining their health using your cannon strikes and dealing damage to their base. The first team that demolishes the base of opponents will victor the match.

There are plenty of battle royale games online with the tank theme, but Tank.io free online should be a must-play for its addictive gameplay and cool features, such as MOBA style gameplay, two teams with five players in each, many tank models to experience, various tank upgrades after killing a player’s tank and different power-ups on the battlefield. When you step into the arena, you should stick with your teammates as well as support each other during the course of the battle. Teamwork is key to your success, therefore, you should get help from your allies and support them back to outplay the rival team. Make your way through the map with smart strategies and tactics! You need to use them to smartly to fight off all rivals. Don’t forget to leave your base well protected, because if you don’t, the rival team will destroy it, causing the game over. After you pick up kills, you will get upgrades for your tank, which makes it stronger. Can you brave all the challenges and lead your team to the ultimate victory? Have fun with Tank.io game!

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How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys for the tank movement and shoot enemies using the left mouse button.

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