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Ruby June 8, 2020 IO Games 1777
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About Traitors.io

Traitors.io is a fun top-down multiplayer shooter io game set in rounds. Take control of a square and start the new match with 10 bullets that can reload slowly when you are not shooting. Every 35 seconds, every real player will be highlighted with 3 decoys. Try to destroy all of the targets that are marked to win! When you remove a human opponent, your range will be expanded. Play Traitors.io free online you can choose to hide, especially in a 1v1. If you decide to connect to a larger playfield, you can feel more active. In case you find somebody standing near a power-up, it is recommended to grab the item faster. The special effect that it brings back can allow you to sneak into the crowd secretly. However, it is feasible to gather and experience other stuff such as a shotgun or rapid fire. You are advised to get them before you fight.

How to play

Press Left Mouse to move around, Right Mouse to shoot, Spacebar to control power-ups

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