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About is a fun MMO RPG Agario style game where you will choose a tribe, customize a hero, and pick out appropriate powers to fight against other people from opposing teams. Discover an epic fighting and try to destroy as many rivals as possible to reach the highest rank! Aside from abilities that you are given, you are able to collect a lot of power-ups along the way. They will help you grow stronger and complete the goal faster. They are hidden in chests scattered across the map. They can offer special skills, skins, better gear, and more. During the journey in, you do not forget to deploy spells properly. Besides, you should learn about the proficiency of each group. For example, AGWA (water) can eliminate the FAYA (fire). Thus, you must know how to select the time to run away from your predators. Otherwise, everything will end. Good luck!


Use the mouse to move, A or Q to deploy Spell 1, Z or W to control Spell 2.

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