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About Worm.is:

Continue to conquer another exciting Slither Style Snake game called Worm.is! It shares the similar gameplay to Slither.io, but it promises to keep you more engaged. You make your way through the map as just a small worm and you should eat up as many small objects dispersed on the ground to increase your size easily. When you’re big enough, it’s time for your hunt! You need to seek the enemies and quickly encircle them using your long body. You have to make sure they have no ways to escape, and will have to crash into you, causing them to meet their ends. This can happen to you in the same way! So, you need to defend the head of your worm all the time, or else the game will be over. Try your hardest to finish all the daily quests for more rewards, survive and work your way to the top of the leaderboard!


Use the mouse for the movement. Click the left mouse or key W to fire mass, use the right mouse or spacebar to speed up. Use an item by pressing key F.

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