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About Worms.lol:

The point of Worms.lol unblocked is to become the biggest worm ruling the entire arena. This is a Slither-style game where you play and conquer all challenges for awesome rewards, such as hats, mouths, eyes, glasses and other features. You spawn in the arena as a small worm with a big ambition. Being a leader in this arena is not easy at all when you face up against many rival worms from around the world. Everybody wants to grow big in Worms.lol online, but they also must fight one another if they want to have that domination. You slither your way through the map collecting a huge number of food orbs dispersed on the ground. Those orbs are free to eat, so consume them all on your way. You should leave other worms alone and don’t mind their presence if you have no plans to kill them yet. It’s still much better for you to focus on eating food to upgrade your size. When everything is ready and you do have strategies for the encounters, go for it! To eliminate other worms, you must make their heads collide with your body as you dodge running into someone else yourself. You can make a speed boost but whenever you do that, your size will be reduced a bit. So, use this feature wisely and collect more food orbs to grow bigger. You have to get to the top rank on the leaderboard to make yourself the most powerful worm in Worms.lol free game!


Direct the movement of your worm using the mouse and use the spacebar to speed it up.

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