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About Worms.zone:

Worms.zone is a great new snake game, with the concept like Slither.io. Explore the cool edition with multiple rivals throughout the world and conquer the popular genre as soon as possible! Enter the map and you can begin your challenge with only one mode available. You should not forget to show your skills and prove that you will soon become the King. Not only that, you can unlock more rooms when you advance. To complete the match, it is necessary for you to be the longest beast.

If you want to grow longer when playing the Worms.zone Io game, remember to eat all of the cute animals scattered across the playfield! Not only that, it is easy to find lots of power-ups on your path. You can swallow those special items. They will offer an advantage over other antagonists in Worms.zone. Actually, they contain unique effects and they are different. Be careful! While roaming, you must defend your head. You’d better avoid your opponents or you will die when you bump into their tail. Once you survive, earn the highest rank, and win a round, you will get a reward. Have fun!


Use the mouse to move. Left mouse or Right mouse to speed up.

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