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About WormsZone.io

Wipe your stress away by playing another great slither style io game called WormsZone.io! You have to prepare your slithering ability with some smart strategies to deal with lots of enemies from around the world. In WormsZone.io free game, everyone wants to become the biggest worm on the leaderboard. There is only one top rank for one winner, so you must try your best to become that one! You have to slither your way through a big arena trying to eat a bunch of goodies that are dispersed on the ground. The more goodies you consume, the bigger you will become. Try to avoid contact with other worms as you are in search of goodies. You don’t have to fight against them if you are not ready. But when you are, you should take any chances you have to attack all other worms by having them run into your body or speeding up to cut them off. You must survive, grow up, and dominate the leaderboard! Play it now!

How to play

Use the mouse for moving the worm around the map. Press the spacebar to speed it up.

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