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About Yoyowars.io:

Step into a new multiplayer io game called Yoyowars.io! Playing with a yoyo is very fun! Now, you will use yoyo as the main weapon to defeat all enemies in a large arena. Yoyowars.io unblocked takes you to this battle, so you must try to beat it. As you move around the map, try to aim and throw yoyo at other players. When you kill them, you will get points and grow up. There are lots of rainbow circles dispersed around the arena. You should pick them up for points as well. Having enough points will advance your level. Be careful with the yoyo of enemies! Dodge them all as you try to unleash the fury of your yoyo! Pay attention to your movement speed because it will be decreased when you level up. Everybody’s aim is to climb up the ladder to dominate the arena! You must make it to the top! Enjoy Yoyowars.io free online and have fun with it!


Control the movement of your cell using WASD or arrow keys. Use the left mouse button to throw your yoyo.

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