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Hot Lava Floor

Pup January 9, 2023 Multiplayer 66
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Hot Lava Floor unblocked game is about the adventure of a man. Play Hot Lava Floor online and help him overcome every dangerous obstacle so he can survive.

About Hot Lava Floor

Hot Lava Floor is a 3D skill game with countless challenges. So, staying alive is an important condition for those who want to level up and turn into the winner.

Hot Lava Floor is an adventure full of dangers

There are always deadly situations existing in this Hot Lava Floor multiplayer online game. Therefore, it’s completely necessary for you to dodge them. In fact, it’s helpful if you hope that you are the last-standing player.

Experience difficulties in Hot Lava Floor and finish your 3D skill game tactically

Aside from the single-player mode, you are able to begin to play Hot Lava Floor full screen on PC with multiple players. Thus, you must beat them to dominate the top position. And, you can do that by avoiding drowning in the lava, collecting cash, and finding keys first.

Hot Lava Floor game is actually a risky journey because the hot lava can engulf you at any time. However, you can use parkour skills and objects to defeat rivals with obstacles. Get ready to engage in that story and invite friends to join together! Good luck!

How to play

Move around with WASD Speed up with L and Shift Jump over an object with Spacebar Crouch and hide with C Select the camera view you like with V


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