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Kingdoms Wars

Pup November 25, 2023 Multiplayer 109
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Kingdoms Wars unblocked is an HTML5 strategy online game. In Kingdoms Wars, you will throw the dice to explore the globe and defeat your enemy to win.

About Kingdoms Wars

Kingdoms Wars is a multiplayer game where you use your strategies to defeat your enemy. You will compete against him by throwing a dice to explore the kingdom.

Kingdoms Wars is a board game where you calculate your moves to win

If you play Monopoly games, then you will like this HTML5 strategy online game. It is about you throwing the dice to fight against your enemy. You will explore the globe, purchase streets as well as build hotels onto them.

Strategize your moves to win your enemy in Kingdoms Wars game

It is simple to throw the dice, however, you need to use your strategies when you do it. When you throw it, you will take the number of the steps shown on the dice. When you get to a position on the board, you will do the missions such as paying fees to the king, pulling bonus cards, etc.

Play Kingdoms Wars unblocked to show your strategic skills and win your enemy!

How to play

Use the mouse to throw the dice to explore the globe in the game.

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