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Cat Ninja

Ruby March 19, 2019 Ninja Games 792
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About Cat Ninja

Cat Ninja promises to be an amazing yet challenging Ninja game online to master. The game gives you a chance to show off your fighting skills through a lot of difficult stages. You play as a cute cat that has to perform many ninja skills to conquer all enemies standing in your way. There are many platforms you need to jump over as you attempt to perform many actions. You can punch enemies, throw shurikens at them, kick them all and eliminate them before they deal their damage to you. Make sure you always keep yourself safe from the enemy attacks, otherwise, the game will be over, and that means you have to restart it from scratch. Being a Ninja Cat is so fun! You will be able to upgrade your skills as well as experience many fantastic challenges. Just have your abilities ready for Cat Ninja game and see how many stages you will beat! Good luck to you!

How to play

Perform the movements using keys A/D. Press key W to jump, duck with key S, throw shurikens using the left mouse, press key Shift to use ninja skills, use the spacebar with keys WASD to fly.  

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