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Privacy Policy at braains-io.com is the one you need to know how we work with your information. If you have no opinion about it, feel free to play the game.

Privacy Policy are the policies that are necessary for any website and should be adhered to by the people using the website. braains-io.com is no exception, as it is an online playground for thousands of players from all over the world.

Please read our privacy policies to understand how we work with your information. It will help you answer questions about why we collect information, what it is and how we protect your information.

Why do we need the privacy policy at braains-io.com?

First of all, we would like to introduce to you a little bit about our website. It is a playground that shares you free fun io games to play online, such as braains.io, snake, upgrades, strategy, team games and more.

With a mission to bring relaxation to all the players here, we always work hard to keep the website running well. We’ve always wanted to give every player a smooth, safe and healthy experience, aiming to build a good online community.

To carry out this mission, we need our own rules, of course. These rules are contained in the privacy policy and terms of use, which you can find and read on this website. They will tell you your rights and interests and ours when using the games here.

The most important of these privacy policies is about user information. We collect user information for the purpose of improving your website and experience, for no other purpose.

We collect and store user data in the information system to keep people in touch. In addition, such information will be useful for us to manage users and take action against violations.

Therefore, please understand us in collecting your information at this site. We always have technical measures to protect your information and do not to share information with any other third parties.

What information do we collect about you on this website?

When you start visiting our website and playing your favorite game, we will collect information from you. But it’s not wrongdoing, as we explained above, it’s to manage users and improve this website. Moreover, we always make our work very public.

So, what information do we collect from users at here? That is:

Account Information: It includes the information you use to register an account at our website. If you just play right away without creating an account, we will ignore your information. But signing up for an account will help store your game data so you can return to it with results from your previous play.

The information on your account will include your display name, profile picture, email address and some other information. But note that, we never ask for your GPS address. So please don’t include it in your info here to avoid unexpected problems.

What you do at our site: It includes your experiences with the games we share and the things you share through your account. We will collect them to manage user activity logs to control the user content.

Your rights and responsibility to your information and those of others

As for your information, you have full rights to edit or even delete them. You also have the right to ask us to stop collecting and storing your information if you really want to. To do so, please send your report to our email address.

In addition, you need to take responsibility for the protection of your information. You should never share your accounts and passwords with anyone, and we never ask you to share them with us. And please remove your GPS address if you have posted it somewhere on your profile.

In addition, it is your responsibility to respect the information of others. Please do not steal other people’s information for personal purposes. We will take action against these behaviors and may ban your account forever.

Finally, it’s always our responsibility to protect the information of everyone at our site. We have many ways to collect, store and secure user information and are always working to improve them but we need your support.

Please feel free to report any violations of your information to us. Or if you are not satisfied with the way we collect information, please submit your comments and we will review it. And we are always happy to change the privacy policy if necessary.

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