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Pup January 15, 2023 Racing 114
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Drive Mad is an online unblocked html5 action game. Become a driver in Drive Mad and control your own vehicle so you can overcome obstacles and win stages!

About Drive Mad

Drive Mad 3D is a simulation game on a special racing track. It’s full of objects blocking your way. You must manage your skills smartly to survive and level up.

Drive Mad is a 3D action game free to play on browsers

In the Drive Mad game, your goal is to move your vehicle to the finish line. And, you should finish that objective as fast as possible. Then, you’re able to jump into the next stage right away.

Drive Mad is only the start of a long and irresistible adventure

In other words, you are capable of joining Drive Mad 2 after you complete the present game or whenever you want. Not only that, but in the current race, you need to show your possibilities carefully. In several cases, it’s also helpful for you to stop.

In general, you can play Drive Mad online on browsers by yourself without paying any penny. Just enter the playfield of this game and perform all the skills that you know so you can end every level in a successful way right now!

How to play

Click the right-hand side of the screen to move Click the left-hand side to stop driving and reverse

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