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Fat Race 3D

Ruby September 19, 2023 Racing 88
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Fat Race 3D unblocked is an Arcade racing game. In Fat Race 3D, you will help an overweight character race on a track to collect lots of food.

About Fat Race 3D

Fat Race 3D is a great racing game with nice graphics and characters. You control a character on a track with food then collect food to gain weight and strength.

This arcade racing game features a parkour gameplay mechanic. You have to race and overcome obstacles on your way. Besides, you also need to collect lots of food so you can gain weight and strength.

Then, you will vanquish the obstacles as you race. However, you should also fight against the enemies because they also try to collect food.

Play Fat Race 3D unblocked and try to be the best racer!

How to play

Control your character on the track to collect food using the mouse.

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