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Healing Driver

Pup September 14, 2023 Racing 66
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Healing Driver unblocked is an HTML5 car game. In Healing Driver, you will drive an ambulance to take patients to the hospital and be a doctor to treat them.

About Healing Driver

Healing Driver is a driving HTML5 game that tests your driving and caring skills. You play as a driver and a doctor to treat your patients and take care of them.

In this new simulator online game, you will drive an ambulance to take the patients to the hospital. So, you will need to show your driving skills. When you drive them to the hospital, then you will show your caring skills because you will be the doctor of those patients.

You put patients on the bed then treat them based on their symptoms. Then, when you heal them, they will give you money. You will use the money to improve your hospital, your staff, as well as yourself.

Play Healing Driver unblocked and be the best driver and doctor!

How to play

For driving scene: Use W, up arrow key, or the left mouse button to move the ambulance then release it to brake.

For hospital scene: Move around and interact with the game using WASD, arrow keys, or the left mouse button.

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