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About Adversator:

Adversator is a multiplayer io game with free gameplay about heroes fighting against vicious creatures in an open world. Throw yourself into Adversator unblocked game right now for all of these challenges. With MOBA and 3D elements, Adversator promises to be a great game for all of you. You need to pick a hero that you will fight with then step into the arena to battle against different adversaries. You can roam the map hunting down various creatures, push them out of the arena and make them unable to kill you. There are many things dispersed across the arena, just use whatever you find, or go purchase new items to make yourself much stronger. Keep an eye on the enemy’s main building since it needs to be destroyed to complete your goal in Adversator game. Do you think you can successfully crush it? Challenge your abilities to this epic battle now!


Use the right mouse to move, press keys AZERTY/QWERTY to use items, move the camera with arrow keys, lock it with key C, and focus it using the spacebar.

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