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Pup May 16, 2023 RPG 244
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Play Endacopia unblocked and help the little boy, Mellow, escape from a room quickly! Don't forget to find out clues by interacting with things in Endacopia!

About Endacopia

The Endacopia game online will show you the case of a boy who is trying to leave the room. There’s nobody around. So, you’ll have to rely on objects and your skills.

It’s possible for you to switch and select the action that you want in your html5 escape game by clicking your right mouse button. You can act instead of just looking, for example. Besides, you are able to touch every item in the room where your character is locked.

Endacopia is a new pixel game with an exciting play style. Good luck!

How to play

Help the boy move around with the WASD keys. Touch everything in the game with Left Mouse. Choose another action with Right Mouse.

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